Shahs Of Sunset├óΓé¼Γäós Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid Talks Upcoming Wedding, Being Pregnant Before Marriage, & Intense Belize Drama In Sunday’s Episode!

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Usually… first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby carriage!

But this might not be the case for Mercedes “MJ” Javid.

We EXCLUSIVELY spoke to the Shahs of Sunset reality star to see what’s going on with her and fianc├â┬⌐ of six months, Tommy Feight — and their future is looking bright, despite all the drama currently being played out on Bravo!

The brunette starlet excitedly gushed about baby-making, revealing a tiny tot could come BEFORE her big walk down the aisle:

“I think that Tommy and I will be planning on expanding our family very soon. I think that once we get settled… and have the wedding planned, I can’t imagine skipping a beat before starting a family. Maybe I’ll quietly not be drinking champagne at the wedding.. who knows? Maybe I’ll get pregnant the day after the wedding on the honeymoon? That sounds even better.”

The 43-year-old even opened up about Twitter haters saying she’s too old or infertile:

“There are a lot of awful people on Twitter who think that I’m not fertile, which is the opposite of what we found out. I never checked my fertility, but then when I did, I was pleasantly surprised that he told me that my fertility is closer to a person that’s 30 than 40.”

Take that, trolls!

Moving on from babies, MJ’s wedding will officially take place in June 2017 and she hasn’t started planning! But she does know it’s going to incorporate her Iranian culture and Tommy’s American background.

On her vision, she tells us:

“I don’t like to feel like the generic├óΓé¼┬ª. you know, things I thought were beautiful the first time I saw them. Once you see something that’s been done too many times I’m thinking, ‘Okay. I love white flowers and green leaves’ and if I’ve seen that too much for the past something-years, then I’m going to need to reimagine something I don’t want everyone to walk in and be like, ‘Okay├óΓé¼┬ª another wedding.’ I think people coming will be overwhelmed with love and that’s the ultimate vibe I want to create for the evening├óΓé¼┬ª just celebrating two people they’re happy for. I want it to genuinely feel like we got to the place without rushing to it. I know once we start to plan the wedding, it’s going to be bananas.”

Miz Javid also shared:

“It’s going to be also preceded with a huge bachelorette party-like destination- like five days where we’re just going to take our friends to an all-expense paid [trip]. I’m definitely not sure how to do the bridesmaids thing, but I’m not going to make my bridesmaids pay a penny for the dress or the shoe or anything. I’m going to pay for the dress that they’d never wear again. All of those clich├â┬⌐s that brides ask — that bridesmaids end up saying, ‘Wow! This actually cost me like $5,000 dollars or $2,000 dollars.’ I really want to think about everybody coming to celebrate something without putting them at this expense.”

Wow, sounds fancy AND considerate! Color us impressed!

Speaking of fancy, the cast of the reality show head to Belize in Sunday’s new episode — and we’re sure it’s going to be filled with drama!

Mercedes — who takes the trip alone following a brief split with Tommy — shared that someone is hiding behind bulls*t, though she doesn’t name names:

“When I had-in the last episode, trouble with Tommy, I told my friends exactly what was going on, when it was going on. I didn’t try to hide it. I didn’t try to lie about it. I didn’t try and let it go on for months or years and pretend like everything was peachy keen. I’m open with my life, no matter if it’s embarrassing or if I’m going through something painful. I realize that my personality is that I’m not ashamed of having, you know, troubles in life or challenges or whatever it is. The people who do try to hide behind their bullshit├óΓé¼┬ª it starts to really reveal itself when they start to reveal themselves.”

Whoa, that’s intense!

Wonder who she’s talking about… Any guesses??

Be sure to tune in to a brand new episode of Shahs when it airs on Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Jun 17, 2016 12:15pm PDT

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